Can Dirty Air Filters Impact Your Health?

The short answer is, yes! Air filtration been a hot topic over the last couple of years. If you ask anyone who works in the industry, air quality and filtration has always been important!

Routine cleaning and changing of filters is important – for your health, not just your mechanical maintenance.
If you’re experiencing congestion or coughing without explanation, it may very well be your air filter! A proper fitting, good quality air filter ensures the air cycling through your home is clean and prevents germs and dirt from effecting your otherwise healthy environment.
Considering that in the last couple of years, Canadians are spending significant amounts of time indoors, it’s important to know what that your air quality is safe! Air filters capture impurities as it cycles through, and prevents dirty air from spreading through your home.
Dirty filters can clog and cause issues with your mechanical operations, and your health! These are both things you shouldn’t have to worry about, and are more difficult to fix than they often are to prevent!

If nothing else, for seasonal or chronic allergies, clean air filters and routine maintenance keeps your allergies at bay! Whether it’s bacteria, dander, dust, dirt, mold spores, pet hair, smoke, or virus’ – a clean filter makes a difference!
So, as we head into the warmer weather, remember to check the filters on your furnace and AC units. Change them out approximately every 3 months, ensure the filter fits snug, and voila! 

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