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If you are experiencing water leaks or pipe bursts, you may have a Polybutylene problem.  It's time to consider a PEX replacement.

avoid disaster

replace your home's poly b with pex pipe.


If your home is 30 to 50 years old, there is every chance it was built using Polybutylene (Poly B).  Unfortunately, unforeseen leaks and bursts have been taking place due to the failure of the molecular bonds in the Poly B.  Some causes of this failure include sun exposure during construction and even chlorine. Overtime these failures have increased, leading to Poly B no longer being used in construction in North America and, in more and more cases, insurance companies refuse to cover water damages to homes with Poly B.

Why change to PEX?

PEX Tubing is a cross-linked polyethylene pipe manufactured using extrusion method. PEX pipe is cost-effective, flexible, durable and easy to install, making it a popular choice vs. copper and CPVC piping. Oxygen Barrier and PEX-AL-PEX tubing are intended for heating applications (radiant floor heat, baseboards, etc.) Non-Barrier PEX is intended for hot and cold domestic water use.

  • Environmentally Friendly.

  • Ease of installation: minimal wall damage.

  • Incredibly flexible, strong and durable with proven long-term reliability.

  • Resistance to chemicals.

  • Insurance cost savings.

 How can Canyon help?

  • Canyon Plumbing’s Renovation Department SPECIALIZES in Poly B removal.

  • We do it with as minimal damage to your home as possible.

  • Each quote is tailored to your specific home and situation.

  • We will perform a FREE site visit to help assess the project, provide an accurate quote.

  • Work can usually be performed within a few days.

  • Eliminate Stress and Increase your Home Value.

  • We can Guarantee any other quote you’ve been given won’t have the attention to detail or keep your costs down like ours will.

  • Our Plumbers are highly experienced Journeymen who work directly with Renovations every day.

  • Did we mention our 2 years Parts and Labor Warranty?

  • We make the difference!

Call the Canyon Renovation Department for more information or to request a quote.  403.203.4864