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don't let this happen to you

If you are experiencing water leaks or pipe bursts, you may have a Polybutylene problem.  It's time to consider a PEX replacement.

avoid disaster

replace your home's poly b with pex pipe.


Suffering water leakages and pipe bursts in your home or office? It’s probably one of the structures built in the 80’s and 90’s and piped with the legendary Polybutylene  AKA Poly B. Poly B was thought to be the end all solution and the future of the plumbing industry, until it started exhibiting leakages and pipe bursts, often with no warning.


Changing Poly B to PEX, especially in homes, has recently been on the rise due to a recent on-set of issues arising.


Here are some key points why you should replace Poly B with PEX in your Home or Office

  • Poly B faced a large number of lawsuits. Poly B’s fault originated from the foundation itself, which is the production and moves to the transportation and installation.

  • Poly B is prone to leakages because of the breakdown of molecular bonds. One example that weakens it is something as simple as the prolonged exposure to sunlight, sitting in a yard before it was even installed in your home. The more sun it’s exposed to the higher the chances of molecular breakdown and future leaks.

  • Another factor and example that has affected the Poly B piping is the reaction to chlorine. The piping tends to deteriorate quickly in places where they have chlorine in the water, like most municipal structures.

  • Most home insurance won't cover water damage if a home has Poly B pipes.


Why make the switch?

  • Exception Flexibility; PEX pipe is seen to be the best because of the ability to stand impacts and weather related stress. It’s flexibility also allows it to withstand pressure more than any other pipe. This is important in Alberta with our Extreme Temperature Changes, especially from early Fall to late Spring.

  • Resistance to Chemicals; Chlorine is a big one. The PEX pipe is highly resistant to many chemicals; these are silicones, glycols, urethane foam, acids and bases and even latex paints.

  • Easy to Install; PEX pipe is easy to install because of its flexibility and unique joining technique. This pipe requires no glue or soldering in the process of installation. This helps minimize wall damage when making the change from Poly B to PEX.

  • Strength; Because PEX is quite durable it stands high on the scale to withstand pressure ratings. This means pressure or weight of water has little affect to the pipe.

  • Reliability and Resistance; PEX has been in the market for around 40 years with little to no problems and stands up against corrosion from soil or water.

  • Environmentally Friendly; PEX pipe is the only pipe that has been recorded environmentally friendly because of the following reasons: Light weight make transportation costs low, there is no chlorine added in the production process of PEX unlike that of Poly B, efficient and fast delivery of hot water, heat loss and condensation is reduces due to molecular material and the production of PEX does not require mining of ore as do other pipes.

  • Insurance reductions possible after the switch to Pex pipes.

 How can Canyon help?

  • Canyon Plumbing’s Renovation Department SPECIALIZES in Poly B removal.

  • We do it with as minimal damage to your home as possible.

  • Each quote is tailored to your specific home and situation.

  • We will perform a FREE site visit to help assess the project, provide an accurate quote.

  • Work can usually be performed within a few days.

  • Eliminate Stress and Increase your Home Value.

  • We can Guarantee any other quote you’ve been given won’t have the attention to detail or keep your costs down like ours will.

  • Our Plumbers are highly experienced Journeymen who work directly with Renovations every day.

  • Did we mention our 2 years Parts and Labor Warranty?

  • We make the difference!

Call the Canyon Renovation Department for more information or to request a quote.  403.203.4864


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