Hi-Velocity: Comfort, Wellness, and Performance in a Petite, Powerful Package

When we think about the latest in cutting-edge technologies showing up in our homes, we usually come up with thermostats we control with our smart phones, doorbells that can see and chat with our visitors even when we are not home, and refrigerators that can automatically compile our shopping lists. But those, my friends, are merely gadgets compared to this game-changer. It is easy to imagine this innovation could be missed by the average homeowner as it is not something that is normally seen or thought of most days--unless you are cold or hot. That’s right, your home air delivery system is about to get super charged.

Let us introduce to you the Hi-Velocity SDHV (Small Duct High Velocity) System. The immediate difference between Hi-Velocity and your conventional system starts with three distinctive components including the small diameter duct, pressurized plenum duct, and unique round outlets to distribute your heating, cooling, and all those health and comfort extras like filtration, ventilation, humidification and dehumidification. By distributing a high-pressure area to low-pressure area, there is a continuous mix of room air, creating even temperatures from floor to ceiling and completely eliminates hot and cold spots in your home.

Additionally, Hi-Velocity has brought innovation to the fan coil and cooling module to create healthier and even more comfort by removing up 30% more of the moisture from the air than a what a conventional system can offer. Reduction in moisture equals no mold or mildew.

The modular design of the fan coil units means they can be installed in various orientations and customized with a number of optional applications. Energy efficiency and monthly cost savings are enhanced thanks to the programmable Energy Smart Variable Frequency Drive Motor.

But let’s talk a bit more about that small diameter ductwork. At only

2”, this flex duct is insulated to prevent heat loss or gain and includes a sound absorbing inner core to give your home whisper quiet air delivery. That silent running is essential for a system that runs continuously to give you air filtration, fresh air make-up, and consistent temperature throughout your entire home. An added benefit of the duct size is how easily it fits within the typical framed wall making it ideal for not only new construction but retrofit and renovations as well. Another great feature is the unique, space-saving round outlets that can be placed in the floor, ceiling, or wall in a variety of finishes to compliment your décor.

Builders are telling us how thrilled they are to introduce this system into their homes for many reasons including, but not limited to, the amazingly small footprint of this system as it fits easily into mechanical rooms, closets, attics, and even crawlspaces. With this in mind, Hi-Velocity becomes a natural choice for not only single-family homes but multifamily projects as well. Renovators are excited about the minimal invasiveness of the installation inside existing walls and the freedom to place the modular coil fan units practically anywhere. We can’t help but think this is going to be very popular for heating garages, he/she sheds, and workshops in the future as well.

More than ever, we homeowners are concerned about the healthiness and overall quality of the air in our homes. Whether we are mitigating an existing condition like asthma or allergies, or maintaining a healthy lifestyle in general, the Hi-Velocity system is hitting all the key issues by providing all the filtration, air-exchange, and dust reduction we could need. They went even further with additional features like those available in the Hi-Velocity Air Purification System that uses photo-catalytic oxidation, ultraviolet light, and electrostatic technologies to provide unequaled indoor air quality.

"You are only as healthy as the air that you breath."

Commented Tim Provost, Executive Director of Energy Saving Products Inc., makers of the Hi-Velocity Systems. "We at Energy Saving Products are very excited to partner up with Canyon Plumbing and Heating to be able to offer the Hi-Velocity System to the Southern Alberta builders market. The advantages that a small duct hi-velocity system provides our builders include space savings by eliminating bulkheads from your projects that result in a much better architectural finish. As well, this system delivers to the future occupants a superior level of indoor air quality by moving air more effectively. When you combine more effective air movement with our patented Air-Purification Technology you will eliminate all indoor air contaminants and have laboratory-level air quality in your home.”

Hi-Velocity did not forget about those folks that are renters or possibly just not in a position to add a whole-home air quality system at this time. You too can address your air quality concerns with the Portable HEPS P-20, a powerfully advanced stand-alone system with 5 steps to give you the cleanest air possible.

Our HVAC experts here are Canyon Plumbing and Heating are thrilled to be working with Hi-Velocity to bring this revolutionary technology to our builder partners and homeowners in the Calgary area. For more information don't hesitate to reach out by phone 403-258-1505 or online here.